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To provide educational, financial and emotional support and counseling to police, fire, and other emergency personnel and their families, particularly those affected by PTSD and other occupational related stress disorders. 

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The Ruderman Foundation commissioned a paper in April 2018 on Mental Health and Suicide in First Responders. The study found in 2017 there were 103 reported firefighter suicides compared to the 93 firefighters killed in the line of duty, as well as  140 reported police officer suicides compared to the 129 killed in the line of duty. These numbers are considered low as many first responder suicides are not reported.

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Jo speaks out for change in the firehood to prevent suicides

Jo Terry speaks with Brooke Hasch of WHAS 11, Louisville in the hopes of bringing awareness to the suicide epidemic that plaques the first responder communities throughout our nation. 


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Chip Terry was a father, husband, son, brother, coach, and firefighter who worked for the City of Covington for nearly 30 years. He, along with many other first responders, struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Injuries. This has lead many to alcoholism, drug addictions, high divorce rates, and sadly, suicide. Unknown to everyone, including himself, Chip struggled for many years with Post Traumatic Stress Injuries and finally lost his battle. He committed suicide on September 15, 2017 leaving behind his wife of 31 years, 6 children, and one grandson. As a family and with the support of our friends, we are on a misson to help other families avoid the loss of their loved one, who has devoted his/her life to serving others.


 IAFF Center of Excellence for  Behavioral Health Treatment and Recovery


 University of Cincinnati Stress Center 


The Kentucky Fire Fighter Peer Support (KYFFPS) Team


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